1. What is the cost of export and import fees?

  • There will be 3 invoices. Dip & Pack, Export, Import. The cost of these will depend on the number of animals and the number of people in a group.
  • The Dip and Pack and Export are paid to the overseas companies and are in USD. Rigel will accept a credit card payment from you and we can wire the companies on your behalf.
  • The importing is payable to Rigel and in is CDN funds.
  • The weight of the crates determine the cost to ship. A larger group generally pays less for exporting / importing because we will consolidate the trophies.
  • Whenever possible, multiple shipments will be consolidated to ensure the best rate.

·         General Guidelines for an African Import are as follows. Please contact us for details from other countries.

  1. Dip & Pack - $150 per animal
  2. Export - $200 per animal
  3. Import - $150 per animal


2. Does it cost more to ship finished work or dip and pack?

  • Finished work is much more expensive to ship because of the much larger crate sizes.
  • It does not cost extra to ship the hides if they have been tanned there.

3. What needs to be done before I leave?

  • Call us!
  • Get tags from Rigel and a letter for your outfitter informing them we will be importing for you. 

4. What needs to be done when I am there?

  • Attach the tags you got from us to your hides and horns.
  • Once at the taxidermist / dip and pack they will get in touch with us for the rest. 

5. What needs to be done when I get home?

  • Let me know when you are back and I will contact the dip and pack company and get the exporting / importing started.
  • We will contact you with updates at each stage of the process.

 6. Where do my trophies get shipped to?

  • This will get shipped to our warehouse if disinfection is required.
  • We can ship everything to our warehouse and send it out anywhere in the world from here.

7. Do you have any recommends for dip-and pack?

  • Generally the safari company has a dip and pack they use. If they do, I would recommend using them as you will likely get a better rate. Otherwise we can make recommendations for you.

8. Do you pick up from dip and pack or do they deliver?

  • We arrange all pick up. Once you have harvested the animal and it has been delivered to dip and pack, we take care of the rest?

9. Do I need to have dip/pack booked before we go?

  • All hides/horns must be properly processed in order to clear customs. Your outfitter will take care of all of this for you.

10. Can more than one hunter use same crate?

  • Yes, we will consolidate as many shipments as well can to get the best rate
  • This can mean waiting an extra month to wait for another safari to finish if the time works out. If this is not something you wish to do we can send your shipment on its own. 

Download the 2016 Price List