Who We Are

  • Licensed Customs Broker/Certified Customs Import & Export Specialist

  • Facilitates the clearance of commercial and non-commercial goods by working closely with Canada Customs as well as a vast array of government agencies including the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

  • Freight Forwarding/International Logistics

  • Arranges for international shipping through a strong understanding of incoterms as well as a wide network of carriers to provide competitive rates including: air freight, border crossings, consolidated shipments and handling services

  • Uses a vast knowledge of Canadian Customs and CFIA Regulations to ensure import and export activities conform to the rules and regulations.

  • Works directly with importers and exporters to create an affordable and efficient international shipping plan, obtain the necessary documentation to meet government regulations and assist with local trucking and warehousing here in Canada

  • Certified Disinfection Facility - 1 of only 3 Canadian CFIA certified warehouses to disinfect and safely store CFIA rejected shipments. Certifies trailers to transport trophies from port of entry to our facility.

What we do

  • Apply for all required permits for importing firearms into foreign countries for hunting.

  • Arrange pickup, shipment and importing of your trophies world wide.

  • Arrange for all Canadian permits and documentation for exporting following forgien country regulations.

  • Arrange for all Candain permits and documentation for importing trophies following Canadian regulations.

  • Customs, CFIA and Environment Canada clearance into Canada and worldwide.

  • Certified Disinfection Facility.

  • Personalized Service.